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Parts of the Car Every Motorist Need to Know

The current technology in the automobile industry has made it possible to make and assemble even what seemed complex car parts separately and put them together to make one of the most igneous human inventions, the car parts are put together in a way that they precisely coordinate to produce powerful and smooth operations when one part is not operating to its optimum or breakdown it can result to car malfunction or performing poorly. As a car owner there is a need to having a general understanding of the components that make up your car, just study a few major car parts and get a basic knowledge of their functionality and their maintenance procedure, this is can save you a lot in maintenance and repair costs because you will know how to take care of these components and can make a reasoned decision regarding the ideal brand you need to buy the car parts. This article provides information regarding main car components a car owner should know as well as their basic maintenance, therefore continue reading.

One of the car parts every car owner should know about is the radiator, this component is responsible for the cooling engine by preventing engine temperatures from going too high by circulating coolants within the engine, radiator is located beneath the hood where it dissipates excess temperature to the air via coolants. To make sure your radiator works optimally make sure the coolants are maintained to the recommended levels by car manufacturers, it is also imperative to change the coolant if you notice a color change, the main color of coolants are yellow, orange, and light green, therefore, when you notice a change in the original color of your coolants replace them.

Make it your personal goal to have a basic knowledge of your car engine, this part is central to the performance of your car, and knowing two or three things can help you in its basic maintenance, some of the general maintenance for car engine you can DIY is regular checking engine oil that ensures the various moving parts of the engine run smoothly, regularly check engine drive belts that losses the integrity over time, because they are mainly made from rubber they lose their efficiency over time and when this happens you will experience some mechanical and technical challenges because the belts are responsible for power transfer from crankshaft to the power steering, alternator, water pump, air conditioning system and other vital devices, most recommend changing these belts after 40, 000 miles and timing belt after 60, 000 miles for the efficient operation of the engine.

The other important component a car owner needs to learn about is the alternator, this is a component that is responsible for concerting car mechanical energy to alternative electrical energy which supplies the car with the required electric power which supplements the battery-electric supply, the alternator is also responsible for charging the car battery and when it has issues it overcharges the battery making it to swell, when this happens, take your car to a reliable car mechanic to fix the problem for you.

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