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Key Considerations for Buying a Parking Lot Sweeper

Parking lot sweepers are often misinterpreted to be items of luxury, but in reality, they can be quite necessary. The time they save and the machine-perfect results they produce are just unbeatable. But considering the not-so-cheap cost of these sweepers, it is a must to purchase the right one, first time out.

Understanding Your Needs

First and foremost, before purchasing a sweeper, know what types of surfaces you plan to use them on. For example, if this would be big wide spaces, such as a road, get something that’s large and powerful enough to do the job efficiently. If you’re planning to clean parking lots, you should get something more compact and one that has a better turning radius, which typically also means less power.

Reviewing Different Options

Once you know what type or types of surfaces you’ll be cleaning with your sweeper, it’s time to check out your options.
Research is definitely necessary if you want to make a smart purchase.

Looking at Reviews and Ratings

Second to personal recommendations, online reviews and ravings are the most useful for anyone thinking of buying a particular sweeper model or brand. They offer you a glimpse of your own potential customer experience based on what they have experienced themselves. Of course, not all reviews and ratings you find online can be trusted. But as long as you stick to popular consumer websites like Angie’s List or Businessdotcom, you can be safe.


As with any machine, durability is something you should prioritize when checking out sweepers. This is the exact reason you should avoid insanely cheap offers too because, more likely than not, these sweepers are of substandard quality and will not last long enough. Any amount you save as you buy it will likely be spent on maintenance, meaning, you can end up with greater costs in the end. When reading online reviews, look for indicators about quality, including during rain or any extraordinary conditions.

Shopping Around and Making Comparisons

Finally, make sure to shop around before deciding which sweeper to buy. Finding the best won’t probably happen overnight, but if you’re patient enough, you will. Explore the different brand, models and prices, and list down the pros and cons of each. This will make it easier for you to compare see which one is right for your needs. After all, unless you compare, you won’t really know what you’re missing or what extras you can enjoy with every sweeper on your list.

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